No one knows your business better then you do, you know what you want to say and how you want things to look better then anyone else. A CMS gives you direct control over the content on your web site

In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of your business often depends on how effectively you capture, deliver, create and manage information. The fact that you manage your website yourself could give you the competitive advantage you need to get ahead. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost ‘no technical skill to manage’.

Benefits of a CMS :

  • Ability to store, retrieve and modify content quickly and easily.
  • Standardize the pages of your website for increased usability.
  • Zero cost for additional enhancement.
  • Zero cost maintenance.
  • Better corporate exposure by having updated website with latest information.

Quicker response to market: Since everything is web based, you update your website anytime, anywhere via internet. It offers you competitive edge over your competitors.


Unlike software, web based applications need intensive testing, as the applications will always function as a multi-user system with bandwidth limitations. Some of the CMS testing which we done are: Functional Testing, Work Flow Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing (XSS attacks, SQL injection), Performance Testing and Load testing.

Design & Development

Preliminary specifications are drawn up by covering up each and every element of the requirements. After reviewing the specifications, a document is prepared, outlining suitable payment gateway for client and suggesting the best solution to client according to their needs and costs

Why would you need a CMS?

If the content of your website is changed frequently, then you are in urgent need of a CMS.

How you can change content ?

It’s so simple. Just log in to the administration panel to update your content and the system will automatically adjust all the relevant technical aspects. It then enables you to preview all changes before publishing. With just a few clicks, the job is done!!