Custom Software Development

Webolaxy’s web application development services focus on the three key elements of web application design: quick turnaround, directed consumer requirements and responsiveness to company growth.

Webolaxy has extensive experience working with Microsoft technologies. Over the years, our solutions have leveraged ASP.NET, and currently they are powered by technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0, WCF, and WPF. Webolaxy is working closely with Microsoft to incorporate Windows 8, Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and Silverlight technologies into their solutions.

Broad Expertise

Our areas of expertise cover a broad range of solutions, including :

  • Web 2.0 applications:including rich Internet and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technologies.
  • Enterprise applications: including complex healthcare systems and other cutting edge products
  • Emerging technologies:including windows Azure and cloud based products.

Development Approach

Your business solutions investments must pay off to help you implement your corporate strategy, make your business more efficient and serve your customers better. However, the rapid growth of software, platforms and devices places ever-increasing demands on your development staff and resources. Acting as a partner, Webolaxy applies senior-level critical thinking, substantial knowledge and technical expertise to solve business problems.


we adopt a global approach in our Application development services, which further helps us raise our standards with every project we pursue". Webolaxy’s programmers will build the Web application using state of the art and industry-standard development tools. Beginning with the structure and housing of the data sets and completing with the user-defined actions. We perform regular usability reviews throughout the development process to ensure the application is functioning properly, resolving any issues along the way.


We consider Application testing a very important stage to be able to establish an independent project with independent working teams". Webolaxy offers quality Application testing services that are based on latest industry methods. This allow us to perform stringent applications tests for quality and dependable results and ensures eradication of bugs and errors so that our clients get the very best when it comes to quality standards.

Maintenance / Support

Once the testing work has been completed, Webolaxy will release the application live, hosting of which can be provided by us. Webolaxy will customize and recommend a support plan to ensure that maintaining and updating your web application is a simple process regardless of where the application is hosted.